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Joint Pain Treated With Hyaluronic Gel

No Surgery • No Steroids • No Downtime

Considering Surgery? Consider This…

“After only TWO knee [Hyaluronic] Gel injections, I have no pain and can walk pain-free for an hour. Amazing!

My surgeon told me I needed surgery. The physical therapy strengthened my knee. Great program. Caring skillful team and a great place. Kentuckiana Medicine Arthritis Center has a wonderful program.

I highly recommended them to anyone with knee pain or any joint problems.”

G Weinberg –  Louisville KY

Gem injections at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine Local Louisville Jeffersonville Office using the Orthoscan Machine
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What are the Benefits of Hyaluronic Gel Treatment?

When dealing with knee pain, people often attempt supplements or pain medications before consulting a doctor. When all else fails and the pain is unbearable, some believe that surgery is their only choice.

Before you subject yourself to months of immobility, pain, rehabilitation, and hefty medical bills, take into account these important facts:

Hyaluronic Gel
Joint Fluid Therapy



No known side effects

Blood clots, infection, poor outcome, addiction to pain medications


Little to none

Can be severe for months


Recovery Immediate

Months / Years

How It Works

Is Hyaluronic Gel Joint Fluid Therapy Right For You?

If you’ve tried various treatments for your chronic and debilitating shoulder and knee issues and have been advised that joint replacement surgery is your only option, we are here to offer assistance.

We invite you to schedule a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION consultation to get a clear picture of what your life could be free from chronic and severe joint pain. In under an hour, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment and provide our best recommendations for a quick recovery and so that you can begin enjoying a normal life again.

Insurance may cover many conditions involving osteoarthritis pain in the shoulders and knees. To explore other services that may be covered by insurance, we have options for that too at Kentuckiana Medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chronic Knee Pain and Osteoarthritis Testimonial

Knee Arthritis Pain is successfully treated with Hyaluronic Gel for Cushioning, Lubrication, Cartilage Protection, and reduction of Pain/Inflammation.

All injections are done with fluoroscopic X-ray, so we never miss your joint space.

Specifically Developed For
Chronic Shoulder and Knee Pain and Osteoarthritis

Did you know...

More than 100 million Americans are affected by knee and joint pain. In fact, pain resulting from osteoarthritis alone makes up over 25% of all primary care physician visits and contributes to half of all prescriptions for anti-inflammatory drugs.

Good news

In spite of the facts and the potential complications associated with joint replacement surgery, there is hope for finding relief from shoulder and knee pain while restoring lost function through a promising nonsurgical technique.

FDA Approved

Hyaluronic Gel Joint Fluid Therapy, also known as viscosupplementation, is an FDA approved treatment for relieving pain related to osteoarthritis, as well as chronic shoulder and knee pain. It offers a new and effective approach to managing these conditions.

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