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Weight Loss Programs
Designed for Women

Dr. Rafael Cruz MD crafts a personalized weight loss program for women. He approaches each patient with empathy and respect, recognizing that everyone’s journey toward health and well-being is unique.

Many patients choose our weight loss program to address:

  • Health Concerns
  • A Desire to Feel More Confident And Comfortable In Their Bodies
  • Improve Physical Fitness
  • Attain Personal Aesthetic Goals
  • And Many Other Reasons

Dr. Rafael Cruz MD’s method focuses on overall well-being rather than solely on appearance. Encouraging a balanced approach that includes a healthy lifestyle of physical activity, self-care, and healthy eating to support patients in achieving and maintaining health goals.

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Nutritional Supplements

We utilize pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements to help facilitate rapid weight loss, increase energy, and promote long-term health. We utilize supplements made by Pure Encapsulations that are guaranteed for potency and purity. All Pure supplements are evaluated by independent 3rd party laboratories and assays are available for review at

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