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Addiction Treatments and Sinclair Method for Alcoholism – Louisville, KY

“Get back on your feet and out and about, in no time”

At Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine we offer a variety of different approaches to detoxification from opiates, alcohol, cocaine, meth etc. Each patient’s preferences and individual situation is considered. We can prescribe suboxone and wean you off in 30-60 days or 6-18 months depending on your situation.

Thanks to Dr. David Sinclair’s research, you may not find a better solution to beat Alcoholism, Drug Addiction [Heroin, Opiates, Meth Cocaine] even Gambling Addictions. The Sinclair Method has a 78% success rate.

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NOTE: The Sinclair method to treat addictions involves taking naltrexone which is a very safe medication that is generally free of side effects. However, it should NOT be taken if you take narcotic medications, have liver disease with elevated liver enzymes or are pregnant. Narcotic-Heroin addicts may start naltrexone after being off opiates for 10 daysStarting while taking opiates can precipitate withdraw and even death.

Alcoholics, meth and cocaine addicts can start immediately. In fact, alcoholics must take the medication 1 hour before drinking and must drink alcohol if they are to succeed. Very few methods of treating addictions are as effective as naltrexone.

RAPID DETOX PROGRAM: For those wanting rapid safe detoxification from narcotics like oxycodone, heroin, suboxone etc. we offer monitored IV ketamine anesthesia sedation with IV naltrexone which displaces ALL the opiates from the body. This process is also called Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Opiate Detoxification (AAROD). Essentially, in 2-4 hours a person can go through withdraw WITHOUT experiencing the nasty side effects of WITHDRAW because they SLEEP through the withdraw side effects waking up with little or no symptoms. You will NOT be intubated [tube in trachea]. You will be gently sedated and monitored so you sleep through withdraw like when having a colonoscopy. Once opiates are out of the system, successful recovery-sobriety becomes not just a frustrating impossible goal but a reachable reality. We can then place you on naltrexone orally once per day, naltrexone pellets under skin lasting 3 months [not covered by insurance] or Vivitrol [naltrexone monthly injections]if you prefer and your insurance approves vivitrol.

We can also help patients by replenishing the patient’s body with nutrients, B Vitamins from a Myers-Gabys IV cocktail and we help detoxify the body using high dose IV Vitamin C and IV Glutathione therapies.

Next you can select counseling, naltrexone orally, naltrexone pellets under the skin or Vivitrol Injections, an Intensive Outpatient Home Based Program or an Intensive College Dorm-like Based Program.

Treatment programs approach and lengths are tailored individually based on individual needs and preferences.

Insurance coverage may be available for the counseling portion of program. The IV and pellet treatments ARE NOT covered by insurance. Cost are variable depending on complexity of the medical situation and length of treatment.

We offer discretion, privacy and exceptional, compassionate care since our team recognizes that anyone can become trapped by addiction.

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