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Neuropathy & Relief

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What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Chronic nerve pain or constant nerve discomfort, also known as Peripheral Neuropathy, results from damage to the nerves. Sufferers often experience chronic pain that can be described as burning, stabbing, or numbing in the affected area. Loss of sensation or even a weird feeling of sensation causing much discomfort. 

Some sufferers experience symptoms such as:

  • Weakness
  • Burning pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Impairing balance issues

What Patients Say

What Causes Chronic Nerve Pain & Discomfort?

The cause of nerve damage is unique to each patient and often must be identified before treatment is administered. Some of the most common causes of nerve damage are:

  • Poor blood flow to nerves
  • Abnormal blood sugar levels (diabetes)
  • Chronic Infections
  • Pesticide exposure
  • Genetic variants
  • Autoimmune disease – When the body inadvertently begins to attack itself, killing nerves.

Are There Effective Treatments for Neuropathy?

Indeed! Our neuropathy treatment focuses on four essential areas that produce optimal results. These can be broken down into Fuel and Activation. The goal is to eliminate the cause of nerve damage, and properly support and stimulate nerve regeneration.

This combination optimizes the natural ability of nerves to heal by focussing on the four essential areas of neuropathy treatment. According to Blueprint Healthcare Network, “this technology has 21 peer-reviewed studies with a 97% success rate with peripheral neuropathy”.

Four Essential Areas of Neuropathy Treatment

  1. Low-Level Light Therapy LLLT (Fuel)
    Low-level light therapy is essential to increase blood flow and repair nerve damage. The goal of light therapy is to signal the creation of new blood vessels.. These new blood vessels supply the nutrients needed to heal and repair peripheral nerves.
  2. Electrostimulation (Activation)
    Electrostimulation aids the growth of nerves known as Nerve Re-education and can be carried out daily in the privacy of your own home. Cancer Centers of America use this technique for patients who have suffered nerve damage as a result of chemotherapy. Immediate results have been felt in pain relief and restoration of normal feeling in the affected areas.
  3. Nutrition Therapy (Fuel)
    Nutrition is essential for maximum tissue and nerve restoration. Advanced Nutrition Therapy speeds healing and promotes blood flow and other components necessary for nerve repair.
  4. In-Person Consults and Virtual Education (Fuel/Activation)
    Weekly office consults for electromagnetic and electrostimulation therapy paired with at-home education and treatments.

A combination of fuel and activation therapies creates the perfect cocktail for nerve regeneration. We perform a comprehensive neurological and vascular evaluation in order to determine the level of treatment that is right for you. Complete the form below to schedule a consultation and learn how you can find relief for chronic nerve pain and discomfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Treatment for Nerve Damage


How much treatment Is needed to heal nerve damage?

Each person is unique, and the causes of nerve damage vary. Therefore, the level of damage, severity, and types of fibers damaged will determine the amount of treatment necessary for each patient.


Can I get rid of neuropathy without surgery?

We offer non-invasive and non-surgical therapy to heal nerve damage resulting in pain relief and chronic nerve-related discomforts. Our goal is to treat chronic pain of the nervous system without surgery and without addictive pain medicine.


Can all types of nerve damage be reversed?

There are sensory and motor nerves. Sensory nerves include small fiber nerves and diameter nerves. Motor nerves control the movement of muscles. If there is muscle weakness due to neuropathy for more than two years, this may result in permanent muscle damage. A complete and personalized evaluation will determine if you will have success.


How does peripheral neuropathy therapy improve nerve function?

  1. Optimizes the body’s environment to promote nerve regeneration.
  2. Increases the flow of blood to nerves
  3. Stimulates damaged nerves resulting in improved balance and decreased pain.
  4. Reduces brain-based pain.


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