IV Hydration and IV Vitamin Therapy For Athletes

Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine offers IV Hydration and IV Vitamin infusions in Louisville, KY, to all athletes participating in this weekend’s marathon. You are encouraged to receive IV Vitamin therapy and infusions BEFORE and after your athletic event, so you are better prepared for RECOVERY.

Regrettably, we are closed on Saturday & Sunday due to currently not having enough staffing. However, we will be open again Monday through Friday, 9-5. IV infusions range from $110 to $175 and include a Myers cocktail and an assortment of other helpful IV Hydration Infusions. Feel free to call our office at 812-913-4416 or visit our IV Hydration page.

We also offer IV monoclonal therapy for all types of COVID variants and Stem Cell Therapy injections for those with musculoskeletal injuries when indicated.

In honor of all participants’ incredible sacrifice, discipline, and training, we are waving the $300 consultation fee. FREE VISIT in OUR IV SPA ROOM with Lazy boy massage and heated chairs. You will also be able to see one of our clinicians at NO CHARGE, have all your questions answered, and receive the recommended IV of your choice for your particular situation. We wish you much success at your athletic event.